A selection of our recent publications.

Hansen J, Klusmann U, Hanewinkel R. Emotionale Erschöpfung und Berufszufriedenheit von Lehrpersonal während der COVID-19-Pandemie [Emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction among teaching staff during the COVID-19 pandemic].
Pietsch B, Hanewinkel R, Morgenstern M. Football fans' emotional attachment to their clubs as a predictor of weight loss in a prevention programme for men with obesity.
Arnaud N, Weymann J, Lochbühler K, Pietsch B, Rossa M, Kraus L, Thomasius R, Hanewinkel R, Morgenstern M. Effectiveness of an app-based intervention to reduce substance use, gambling, and digital media use in vocational school students: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
Dumbili EW, Gardner J, Degge HM, Hanewinkel R. Enhancement motivations for using prescription drugs among young adults in Nigeria.