The non-profit Institute for Therapy and Health Research (IFT-Nord) has four fields of activity:

  • Prevention,
  • Research,
  • Training
  • Outpatient care (psychotherapy)

“Preventing is better than curing” is the philosophy of IFT-Nord. Prevention and health promotion are important aspects of the German public health system. Since 1990 we are driven by the goal to reduce health risks in the population and to promote healthy lifestyles. We do this by developing, testing, evaluating and disseminating preventive measures. We also study the causes of risky behaviors like smoking, heavy alcohol use or obesity.

To enable quick transfers from science to practice, we are actively involved in a variety of trainings. IFT-Nord is a state-approved training center for psychotherapy.

People with mental health problems, from Schleswig-Holstein and especially the Kiel region, can apply for treatment in our outpatient psychotherapy clinic.